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Simply put, we take pride in your lawn and believe that each landscape is unique. Our philosophy is to provide each client with a personalized plan to fit their needs and budget.

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Beyond A+++. My wife has delivery trucks coming all the time and they call our street the “Golf green street!” because they are all taken care of by Jamie and his team at Fieldstone Landscaping.
Rob Jonkhans
My lawn looks amazing after using Fieldstone this year. I was so tired of coming home and having to cut the grass through the week or doing it on the weekend when I was trying to relax. My lawn has had very minimal weeds this year and there’s something about the way they cut the grass because it looks way better than my neighbours lawn and they use another lawn care service. Not next year though! They’re switching to Fieldstone. Totally recommend them.
Simon Milestone
My family has been using Fieldstone for this last season. It’s been wonderful coming home to a perfectly cut lawn that is weed free. It’s given my husband and I extra time together which is very valuable in the busy life with family and careers. I strongly recommend Fieldstone Landscaping! Thanks Jamie!
Kim M.

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